Sustainable energy


It was great to see old friends in Romania again last week, attending the Conference for Sustainable Energy at the impressive new RESREC research building. Some great speakers too, around the bias of market systems away from renewables towards fossil fuels, the development of chemical dies for photosynthetic solar power, and the design of products using recycled mix polymers. Hopefully our talk on LCA work in low energy furniture was of interest too. We have two exchange places for some lucky students to go and study in beautiful Brasov for 1 semester. Richard.


Meaningful Stuff – Professor Jonathan Chapman

In case you missed it, last month Jonathan Chapman gave an insightful and thought provoking presentation entitled ‘Meaningful Stuff: Designing Longer-Lasting Material Experiences’. Fortunately the University of Brighton filmed the Professor’s inaugural presentation and you can view it in full view Youtube below.

Jonathan Chapman is a Professor of Sustainable Design in the School of Art, Design & Media, and Course Leader of the MA Sustainable Design – a ‘transdisciplinary’ postgraduate course, which he co-wrote and launched (2009). Chapman is also the author of Emotionally Durable Design: Objects, Experiences & Empathy (Earthscan, 2005). The books main focus of ’emotional durability’ has been adopted by designers, students and educators around the world, providing valuable shorthand for the complex and manifold factors that determine the endurance of ‘value’ and ‘meaning’ in a given object.