The Brighton Product Lab is the dynamic and exciting environment at the University of Brighton that provides teaching, research and consultancy in engineering, product design, product development and testing, technology and creativity. Facilities at the Lab include design courses, studios, workshops, laboratories, access to the Design Council Archives, and the Brighton Creativity Centre. Resources range from ideation methods, virtual, rapid and CNC prototyping through to development and testing laboratories and certification.

Training and tuition

The Lab runs a number of BSc Hons degree courses in Product Design on a part time or full time basis. Find out more about us at our university course finder site . We also offer a range of short courses that include for example creativity, solidworks, plastic mould design and Finite Element Analysis. A full list of short courses can be found on our Centre for Collaboration and Partnership site but we would be pleased to discuss bespoke courses and awards that deliver design related needs in ways that support you or your company.


The University has a strong record of developing innovative solutions for practical, real world problems and there are a number of mechanisms which enable us to work conveniently and effectively with industry. These range from low cost staff supported student projects and placements through to small or large scale development packages. The popular Knowledge Transfer Partnership schemes allows for government supported projects that enable both new products and strategic changes to be undertaken.


Staff disciplines at the Lab range from designers, physicists, engineers and business specialists but where necessary include expertise drawn from across the university at large. Our research therefore varies across a range of industries and from large, strategic projects to small scale development work and our collaborations include both local and international companies.  Recent work for example includes understanding semiotic languages within global cultures, developing creative knowledge, training shoe and medical product functions. We welcome too enquiries from prospective researchers wishing to expand the boundaries of knowledge through doctoral study.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can support your needs and invite you to contact us on 44 (0)1273 642455 or at CEM.schooloffice@brighton.ac.uk.


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