The end is nigh . . .


Sorry that we haven’t been talking much lately, it’s been very, very busy. Des, Eddy, Cathy, Steven and a sprinkling of students are currently all down in Southampton presenting at the Ergonomics & Human Factors Cconference (, Mark is working on some interesting developments for his PhD, and I’m just back from reviewing product design courses at two other Universities for the IED.

Our own course changes seem to be working well although we’ll have a full review at the end of the year. It’s easy though to see that our 4 new maker bots have been particularly helpful, and good to have our Designer in Residence Hamish on hand to help out as well.

After the Easter break we have a few more teaching weeks then will start our exhibition series. First year work is viewable by the public on Wed 14th, 2nd years on Wed 21st, and final years on 30th and 31st May in the Basement rooms (Friday 16.00 to 22.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 18.00, Some final years will be then up at New Designers as usual from 2nd to 5th July.

Thanks to all of those who have been keeping in touch with us – some really great stuff going on out there. I hope that we’ll be able to catch up with some of you at these events.



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