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A weekly roundup of this weeks design news and hottest topics.


Custom Life-Sized 3D Printed Dolls

3D printing may well be the future of design and, in particular, the future of customisable design. But perhaps there needs to be a line drawn already. Californian based company 3D Babies have released images this week of how you might be able to hold your soon-to-be child in your hands before he or she is born. The Indiegogo crowd source funded company uses 4D ultrasound scans to create life-size, 8-inch replicas of 23-24 week foetuses and print them using 3D printing technology. All shipped to you in a handy satin-lined wooden box for the price of $600 (£360).

3d babies

What do you think?


Bar Stalls and Benches Built Using Discarded Roof Tiles

Eindhoven based designer Tsuyoshi Hayashi looks to partly solve the challenge of recycling ceramic waste products. Taking Japanese roof tiles that would be otherwise discarded, Hayashi mounts the tiles on simple wooden frames to great attractive, functional furniture.

tile chairs


Separating Eggs

Not the first, but certainly unique and playful. Peleg design have designed the ‘Yolkfish’ a gulping goldfish capable of the age-old challenge of separating the white from the yellow. Watch the video below to see it in action.


Musical Symphony made with Bicycle Parts

Bike and music lovers rejoice. JohnnyRandom has created ‘bespoken’ an exploration of sounds generated by bicycles and their components. Take a listen below.


Barber Osgerby: In The Making

The Design Museum’s latest exhibition In The Making opened Wednesday this week, curated by award winning and well celebrated designers Barber & Osgerby. In The Making captures over 20 objects mid-manufacture showing them off at the ‘centre-stage’ of their design process. Read our full article HERE.

in the making 3


A New Look For The Sunday Times

This weekend The Sunday Times will reveal a brand new look and redesign. The in-house created work aims to bring a ‘brighter’ feel to the newspaper. Described as ‘evolution rather than revolution’ the most noticeable change will be that of the Sunday Times Magazine becoming taller and thinner.

times redesign


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