Post of the week: 3D Print a Pizza

3D printing is nothing new but in the last year 3D printing has crept out of the labs and workshops confined to printing solid prototypes, and in to new and unexpected fields.

The murmur of 3D printing food has seemed like a dream to many but with Barcelona based start-up Natural Machines developing the Foodini kitchen appliance perhaps we’re one step closer to designing, making and printing our own food without getting our hands dirty.


The Foodini is intended as a domestic device, and looks aesthetically clean in the house, while managing the time consuming parts of handmade food preparation that often discourage people from cooking at home, like rolling pasta dough, filling individual ravioli, and crafting cookie silhouettes. Streamlining the process, the 3D food printer creates shape, height, and volume independent of the user and can generate both large products like chocolate figures, and flatter foods like crackers. So far, the natural machines team have printed a bean patty, roll, and cheese sauce onto a burger, crafted pumpkin gnocchi, and fashioned a pizza from printer to plate. – Designboom


the Foodini home appliance 
image courtesy of natural machines


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